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About us

What solutions we offer:

For years, Hoshen has been catering to provide one-stop solution to make connector. Now, Hoshen is already able to help you with its own manufacturing power and experience on three big parts:

1.Mould Making:

The mould making workshop is equipped with state-of-art machinery.

Our engineer team has been in plastic mould making for 10-20 years.

By working with the experienced overseas sales and management team, and helped by high-precision measuring instruments, we are able to communicate with overseas customers, fully understand their needs in detail and help them to make moulds with full satisfaction.

2.Plastic Injection:

EMT is a manufacturing-oriented mould maker. Years in injection makes us concern more on the mass production, not only mould making itself.We can not only provide you with precison mold but also we can provide you the plastic product you want.

3.Automated assembling

To cut down the cost of product assembling,we committed our team to manufacture automated machine to improve efficiency of assembling,which will cut down your labour cost dramatically.

What makes us different:

1. Advanced Facility Group:
With high-precision facilities imported from Japan, such as Fanuc,Mitsubishi,Nikon, etc., the precision of your mould is guaranteed.

2. Experienced Engineers:
The engineers have worked in mould making for 10 years. They are experienced in all sorts of plastic moulds. You will get professional assistance in the fastest way.

3. Mass-production-oriented Manufacturing:
when making a mould, concern more than mould making only, but more on how to make later mass production easier and cheaper.

4. Open and Comprehensive Cooperation Platform:
We help making moulds, but we can be even helpful in extended services.we can help on not only plastic parts, but also the extended, like assembling etc.EMT can provide a one-stop solution from mould making to assembling. What we look forward is flexible and all-win cooperation.


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