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Yohenjacen Precision Mould Co., Ltd.

SHEN ZHEN YOHENJACEN PRECISION MOULD CO.,LTD. is a privately-owned enterprises established in the year 2000 .We specialize in high-quality plastic injection moulds for export.   
we provide a full range of services to our customers which include mould design, mould fabrication, plastic injection, silk screen print , pad print and assembly testing.Together with knowledge, technology, manufacturing capability and cost advantages in China,Shenzhen Yohenjacen can support our customers WHICHEVER requirement in their market.   
Our approach is to ensure our workforce is well-trained and well situated, using state of the art equipment to produce world class products that meet all our customer's criteria.At Shenzhen Yohenjacen ,most of the mould equipment such as high-speed CNC Machine 、DMG Machine, SODICK EDM Machine from Japan, Best EDM Machine , Milling Machine , Precision Milling Machine , Drilling machines , Engine Lathe Machine , Haitian injection Machine , Autored UV spraying Machine .   
Value, reliability, quality, competitive pricing, guaranteed fast delivery and courteous customer service are what have earned us our customers loyalty.   We will go ahead side by side with every customer forever to create a prosperous tomorrow